While whole world is going digital, working remotely, learning online, interviewing in zoom — we created our e-learning product.
It will be interesting for your company if you want:
Customer Service
Process and System Knowledge
Safety and Compliance
full-cycle e-learning
We are happy to help you solve these issues with YOUR NEW e-learning product. We are open to cooperation with any sector TO SERVE YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS.
It's important to understand: why your business needs full-cycle e-learning production. What is your goal?
Often related to: innovation - sales - efficiency - better care, quality - higher level of service.
We can achieve these goals together!
Do you know which form of video is more suitable for your learning needs? Our learning and development experts are at your service.
Create an interactive video. How does it work?
First of all we have to understand will you achieve your goal with interactive video or not. If our answer will be «yes» — we will start working with you with creating a plan of video components to be used.
Interactive video included learning, communicating and sharing knowledge. So, we have to do next steps:
Make a script
Choose filming location
Make a storyboard
Select actors
Light and sound technology
Make the recordings and do some rough editing
Final edit
Integrate to LMS system
So, our product is ready. What do you have to do next? How you have to learn to use a software system?
Your company
— Video 1
— Video 2
— Video 3
— Video 4
take the test
You can see, practice and do it. New employee arrives and has to learn to work with the IT systems, and time after time you have to do the same steps with each new employee.
SCREENCASTS are a welcome solution
This is time-consuming, do you agree? To solve that we have screen recording service with or without interaction.
Start video
Onboarding goes LESS StressfuL for both parties WHEN e-learning IN PLACE
Why? — New employees feel immediately connected. New employees productivity is higher due to earlier engagement.
What can we do to achieve your goals together?
Onboarding workshop and Program
In-house workshop in which those involved discover the added value of a warm welcome/Design your own Onboarding Programme to suit your target audience. A POS-material, interactive video or AR/VR? Match your goal and budget.
Learning resources
Together we will determine which existing online and offline learning resources and systems you can use and create your own e-learning platform if required.
If you are interested and want to apply this service to your BUSINESS — JUST CONTACT US, WE WILL BE GLAD TO ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS.